Masonic Cufflinks

Sunday, January 24, 2010 by arcanegirl
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Masonic cuff fastener or cufflinks use is beyond from the traditional way people wear it especially for Freemasons whereas it is significantly displayed brotherhood and beliefs. These cuffs fastener have the Freemansory symbol founded in late 16th century. Historian says the first Freemason members are stonemasons or castle makers. The organization or fraternity symbol is composed of a square and a compass although there is no significant evidence on what Masonry symbol really stands for.

Freemasonry still exists with members around the world, sharing the same belief and symbol. Masonic cufflinks are made in different forms and materials. Some made in precious stones and metals. There are the common shapes appearance of Masonry cufflinks such as round and square. What made it interesting are the intricate designs of Masonry square and compasses symbol in it. Sterling silver mason cufflinks antique or vintage especially from 1930's will show your sophisticated and classic looks and since silver is one of the precious metals it is a great investment too.

Keen collectors will surely not missed Masonry cufflinks as part of their collections. The rich and mysterious Freemasonry history made it even more interesting to collect. The most worth it and great investment is to collect antique and rare Freemason cufflinks though modern designs are also desirable. All Masonic cufflinks displayed strong beliefs in the organization’s principle as the higher power is an architect of the universe.

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