Masonic Rings: Freemason Rings

Monday, January 25, 2010 by arcanegirl
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Masonic Rings: For women jewelries are their best friend but for men they are just plain accessory and there are just few who wears them. Most of men hate jewelries. It is not manly. However, Freemasonry rings are exceptional since for men it displays their manhood and brotherhood. Their forever bound in the promise and obligation as Freemason.

Freemason rings have intricate designs incorporates in the Freemasonry symbol. Most often many ask on how Masonic rings wear. Is the compass pointing inward or outward though according to M.S.A.N.A, Masonic ring can be worn either way according to your preference. Wearing it inward or the compass pointing at you reminds your obligation and pointing the compass point outward or somebody else denotes your being a Master Mason on others.

Masonic rings are not just ordinary jewelry it is a symbol as part of brotherhood.

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