What is Freemasonry

Sunday, February 21, 2010 by arcanegirl
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Freemasonry is the oldest, and considerably, the largest fraternal organization in the world. Just like any other fraternity that employs brotherhood, Freemasonry is exactly like that - a circle of brothers and friends. Freemasonry origin is said to be dated back to the dawn of civilization.

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Modern Freemasonry practices are noted to the Egyptians and Europe philosophies during the Tenth Century. Written records that have been kept since 1717 are proof of the formation of Freemasonry with governing body called Grand Lodge and its governing bodies related to the fraternity. The Grand Lodge of England is said to be the first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry founded on June 24, 1717.

Freemasonry temples are widely seen nowadays with fraternal emblems and symbols in it, it is not a secret society or whatsoever since the fraternal order is known in the community. Most people are confused on what Freemasonry is. The fraternal order may be religious in character but it is not a religion. Every member believes in God though the fraternity does not infringe in its individual members religion.

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