Masonic Gloves

Sunday, February 14, 2010 by arcanegirl
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Masonic gloves investiture to Masonic apron is closely connected as well as the symbolism.

Masonic White Kid Gloves: Since Freemasonry rites are practiced globally, in some countries it is a custom to present not just a white leather apron but also with two pairs of Freemason gloves to the newly initiated Freemason member; one pair for himself and the other for a woman, his wife or amount to the same thing presented by him.Although in some country is ceremony to the new candidate is no longer practised though used as a part of proper mason clothing.

Masonic gloves symbolism:  Once a Freemason member is given a Masonic gloves, the works of the hands is intended to teach him that the acts of being a mason should be pure as white.  Cleanliness and purity of the hands is the gloves symbolism modified by the apron symbolism purity of the heart.

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