What is Freemasonry

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Freemasonry is the oldest, and considerably, the largest fraternal organization in the world. Just like any other fraternity that employs brotherhood, Freemasonry is exactly like that - a circle of brothers and friends. Freemasonry origin is said to be dated back to the dawn of civilization.

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Modern Freemasonry practices are noted to the Egyptians and Europe philosophies during the Tenth Century. Written records that have been kept since 1717 are proof of the formation of Freemasonry with governing body called Grand Lodge and its governing bodies related to the fraternity. The Grand Lodge of England is said to be the first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry founded on June 24, 1717.

Freemasonry temples are widely seen nowadays with fraternal emblems and symbols in it, it is not a secret society or whatsoever since the fraternal order is known in the community. Most people are confused on what Freemasonry is. The fraternal order may be religious in character but it is not a religion. Every member believes in God though the fraternity does not infringe in its individual members religion.

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    Masonic Gloves

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    Masonic gloves investiture to Masonic apron is closely connected as well as the symbolism.

    Masonic White Kid Gloves: Since Freemasonry rites are practiced globally, in some countries it is a custom to present not just a white leather apron but also with two pairs of Freemason gloves to the newly initiated Freemason member; one pair for himself and the other for a woman, his wife or amount to the same thing presented by him.Although in some country is ceremony to the new candidate is no longer practised though used as a part of proper mason clothing.

    Masonic gloves symbolism:  Once a Freemason member is given a Masonic gloves, the works of the hands is intended to teach him that the acts of being a mason should be pure as white.  Cleanliness and purity of the hands is the gloves symbolism modified by the apron symbolism purity of the heart.

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    Masonic Emblem

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    What is Masonic emblem? This question is usually being asked by the new members of the fraternity. The reason is they got confused with the symbol to emblem maybe because most Masonic writers used the two words interchangeably.

     Remember that the word emblem means a visible symbol representing an abstract idea. Meaning emblems is also a symbol but not all symbols are emblems. Symbols have multiple connotations whereas emblems only have one meaning.

    The symbol of square and compasses is a Masonic emblem because its only meaning is to represent or serves as a trademark of Freemasonry. The square and compasses Masonic emblem used two Masonic symbols to form the Freemasonry emblem; the square and the compasses.

    Besides the Freemasonry square and compasses emblem, there are other Masonic emblems within the fraternity and its bodies.

    Order of the Eastern Star Emblem


    Scottish Rite


    Hope you got a clear view between Masonic symbol and emblems.

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    Masonic Symbol: Square and Compasses

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    Masonic Square and Compasses Symbol and Meaning: Years gone by and yet Freemason Brotherhood still exists with members all over the world.  This brotherhood will surely be around for many years to come as members’ numbers are growing with lots of people interested to become a Freemason. People   awareness to the organization could be greatly attributed to the fraternity symbols and emblems.

    One of the known symbols of Freemasonry is the Square and Compasses. These Masonry symbol are visual means that teaches and reminds Freemason to its moral obligation. Although the well known Masonic Square and Compasses Symbol have no definite meaning as the word symbol defines of having multiple connotations.

    The square symbol for carpenters can mean creating true lines though in Masonry it symbolizes state of moral rectitude. While the compasses can have multiple meanings depending on how you use the word compass. When you look it in the dictionary it could mean to navigational instrument for finding directions. But for Freemasonry it could mean a virtue to circumscribe to set boundaries to our passion and desires.

    These two symbols of square and compasses are used to form the Masonic emblem, a representation of Freemasonry.

    Square and compasses symbol are greatly seen in jewelries such as in rings, in temple, in the net or web page about Freemasonry, regalia, Freemason apparel such as shirts and Masonic lapel pins and cufflinks. Artistic Freemason shows their talent and their being a member through Masonic art and paintings. Making it totally different when you look in history where these symbols are seen in dirt, soil, stones and tracing boards drawn by stonemason artisans where meetings are held.

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