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Friday, March 26, 2010 by arcanegirl
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In Freemasonry, members wore Masonic jewelry as a sign of being a member in the fraternal organization that designate the member in a Freemasonry lodge. The traditional Freemason jewelry known is the Masonic signet ring though there are other Freemason jewelry pieces that a member can wear.  Other options of jewelry than a ring are cufflinks, pendants, tie pins and pocket watch.

It is said that wearing any fraternal jewelry is intended for members only though in some cases especially antique Masonic jewelry were passed down as a heirloom in the family. In terms of the right way in wearing these accessories mentioned, there are no exact rules on how a member should wear it.  Just like in Freemason ring where a member of the brotherhood wear it either the compasses facing him or facing outward. It’s more of a personal choice. Ask a Freemason and they will say that the best way to wear these items is with pride.

If you are thinking and interested to have Freemasonry jewelry as gift or for your own, there are sites online that offers wide range of items to choose from. Some even offers customize jewelry. Masonic jewelry for women or for wives is also available that can be place in a box. Most Freemason loves antique jewelry because of design and quality. 

Looking for a quality nice piece is a hard task. My advice is to look for a member that has a Freemason theme shop that offers discount and high quality jewelry. There are no other person that knows the craft than a Freemason itself so find someone that a member of the organization to do your customize jewelry. Some brothers have online shop and offer a generous discount.

Masonic jewelries price depend on the material and how intricate the design is.  Gold and silver are the two most popular though some preferred titanium especially in rings because its not easily get scratch and looks new even for years with proper cleaning. Just be careful with Freemason titanium ring as there are lots of fake in the market. Since titanium is a hard metal, one thing to make sure your buying original ring is to check for any scratches. There should be no scratches and surface must be smooth. If your looking for cheap Freemason jewelry, try Amazon and Ebay.

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