Masonic Ritual/Club team: How to Learn Masonic Ritual or Ceremony

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Ritual team or club is a fasts way to learn Freemason ritual. This is because there is no easy way neither fast track in learning the secret of Masonic ritual. Time, patience, and perseverance are important traits to have in learning Freemason ritual in your lodge.

If there is a fast track in learning Freemason ritual, then maybe joining Freemason ritual team or club within your lodge is the answer if you are looking for a fast approach in discovering new Freemason ways. Ask your Worshipful Master if there is a group that you can attend their meetings to broaden your knowledge not just with the rituals but in all aspect of the brotherhood. Most Freemason degree ceremonies are done with   the assistance of Master Masons that are mostly part of a ritual club or team. They are knowledgeable everything about Freemasonry. You will surely learn a lot from these Masters.

Attending ritual team club meetings and your lodge meetings seriously, you will be able to move up at a faster pace.

Or one way to know the secrets of Mason's is to read the book called Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor.  

Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor is a book you'll want to read.

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Masonic Initiation Ritual Ceremony: Learn Freemason Ritual

Monday, September 6, 2010 by arcanegirl
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If you’re into Freemasonry and want to learn new craft about being a Freemason other than brotherhood and believing to higher power, learning Masonic rituals is a refreshing experienced for any Freemason members.

As a Freemason member or officer ascends the chairs within the lodge, he learns new part of the Masonic ritual. Learning the ritual is a step by step process and will took years for some members to learn it.

For a new member, he learns part of the ritual through the Masonic initiation ritual. This kind of ritual is done to new Freemason candidate before the brotherhood accepts them as a member. All Freemason members undergo and experienced the initiation rituals or ceremony done in a Masonic ritual room.

For a new Freemason member, learning the ritual requires time and patience attending lodge meeting and perhaps asking the Worshipful master for a Masonic Mentor or a knowledgeable Freemason officer to teach about the rituals. Most of Masonic Mentors are usually Past Masters that are very knowledgeable about almost in every aspect of Freemasonry.

For a better understanding about the ritual there are reprints of old Masonic ritual books or the book called Masonic Ritual Entered Apprentice Lecture by Allan Publishing that one can read to better grasp the new body of knowledge. There is also available book called Freemason for Dummies perfect for to read for those aspiring to become a Freemason member.

Or if you could not find Allan book, you could read these great books instead.
Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry

Deciphering the Lost Symbol: Freemasons, Myths and the Mysteries of Washington, D.C.

The Secrets of Masonic Washington: A Guidebook to Signs, Symbols, and Ceremonies at the Origin of America's Capital

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Masonic Jewelry Freemason Jewelry

Friday, March 26, 2010 by arcanegirl
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In Freemasonry, members wore Masonic jewelry as a sign of being a member in the fraternal organization that designate the member in a Freemasonry lodge. The traditional Freemason jewelry known is the Masonic signet ring though there are other Freemason jewelry pieces that a member can wear.  Other options of jewelry than a ring are cufflinks, pendants, tie pins and pocket watch.

It is said that wearing any fraternal jewelry is intended for members only though in some cases especially antique Masonic jewelry were passed down as a heirloom in the family. In terms of the right way in wearing these accessories mentioned, there are no exact rules on how a member should wear it.  Just like in Freemason ring where a member of the brotherhood wear it either the compasses facing him or facing outward. It’s more of a personal choice. Ask a Freemason and they will say that the best way to wear these items is with pride.

If you are thinking and interested to have Freemasonry jewelry as gift or for your own, there are sites online that offers wide range of items to choose from. Some even offers customize jewelry. Masonic jewelry for women or for wives is also available that can be place in a box. Most Freemason loves antique jewelry because of design and quality. 

Looking for a quality nice piece is a hard task. My advice is to look for a member that has a Freemason theme shop that offers discount and high quality jewelry. There are no other person that knows the craft than a Freemason itself so find someone that a member of the organization to do your customize jewelry. Some brothers have online shop and offer a generous discount.

Masonic jewelries price depend on the material and how intricate the design is.  Gold and silver are the two most popular though some preferred titanium especially in rings because its not easily get scratch and looks new even for years with proper cleaning. Just be careful with Freemason titanium ring as there are lots of fake in the market. Since titanium is a hard metal, one thing to make sure your buying original ring is to check for any scratches. There should be no scratches and surface must be smooth. If your looking for cheap Freemason jewelry, try Amazon and Ebay.

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What is Freemasonry

Sunday, February 21, 2010 by arcanegirl
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Freemasonry is the oldest, and considerably, the largest fraternal organization in the world. Just like any other fraternity that employs brotherhood, Freemasonry is exactly like that - a circle of brothers and friends. Freemasonry origin is said to be dated back to the dawn of civilization.

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Modern Freemasonry practices are noted to the Egyptians and Europe philosophies during the Tenth Century. Written records that have been kept since 1717 are proof of the formation of Freemasonry with governing body called Grand Lodge and its governing bodies related to the fraternity. The Grand Lodge of England is said to be the first Grand Lodge of Freemasonry founded on June 24, 1717.

Freemasonry temples are widely seen nowadays with fraternal emblems and symbols in it, it is not a secret society or whatsoever since the fraternal order is known in the community. Most people are confused on what Freemasonry is. The fraternal order may be religious in character but it is not a religion. Every member believes in God though the fraternity does not infringe in its individual members religion.

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    Masonic Gloves

    Sunday, February 14, 2010 by arcanegirl
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    Masonic gloves investiture to Masonic apron is closely connected as well as the symbolism.

    Masonic White Kid Gloves: Since Freemasonry rites are practiced globally, in some countries it is a custom to present not just a white leather apron but also with two pairs of Freemason gloves to the newly initiated Freemason member; one pair for himself and the other for a woman, his wife or amount to the same thing presented by him.Although in some country is ceremony to the new candidate is no longer practised though used as a part of proper mason clothing.

    Masonic gloves symbolism:  Once a Freemason member is given a Masonic gloves, the works of the hands is intended to teach him that the acts of being a mason should be pure as white.  Cleanliness and purity of the hands is the gloves symbolism modified by the apron symbolism purity of the heart.

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    Masonic Emblem

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    What is Masonic emblem? This question is usually being asked by the new members of the fraternity. The reason is they got confused with the symbol to emblem maybe because most Masonic writers used the two words interchangeably.

     Remember that the word emblem means a visible symbol representing an abstract idea. Meaning emblems is also a symbol but not all symbols are emblems. Symbols have multiple connotations whereas emblems only have one meaning.

    The symbol of square and compasses is a Masonic emblem because its only meaning is to represent or serves as a trademark of Freemasonry. The square and compasses Masonic emblem used two Masonic symbols to form the Freemasonry emblem; the square and the compasses.

    Besides the Freemasonry square and compasses emblem, there are other Masonic emblems within the fraternity and its bodies.

    Order of the Eastern Star Emblem


    Scottish Rite


    Hope you got a clear view between Masonic symbol and emblems.

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    Masonic Symbol: Square and Compasses

    Sunday, February 7, 2010 by arcanegirl
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    Masonic Square and Compasses Symbol and Meaning: Years gone by and yet Freemason Brotherhood still exists with members all over the world.  This brotherhood will surely be around for many years to come as members’ numbers are growing with lots of people interested to become a Freemason. People   awareness to the organization could be greatly attributed to the fraternity symbols and emblems.

    One of the known symbols of Freemasonry is the Square and Compasses. These Masonry symbol are visual means that teaches and reminds Freemason to its moral obligation. Although the well known Masonic Square and Compasses Symbol have no definite meaning as the word symbol defines of having multiple connotations.

    The square symbol for carpenters can mean creating true lines though in Masonry it symbolizes state of moral rectitude. While the compasses can have multiple meanings depending on how you use the word compass. When you look it in the dictionary it could mean to navigational instrument for finding directions. But for Freemasonry it could mean a virtue to circumscribe to set boundaries to our passion and desires.

    These two symbols of square and compasses are used to form the Masonic emblem, a representation of Freemasonry.

    Square and compasses symbol are greatly seen in jewelries such as in rings, in temple, in the net or web page about Freemasonry, regalia, Freemason apparel such as shirts and Masonic lapel pins and cufflinks. Artistic Freemason shows their talent and their being a member through Masonic art and paintings. Making it totally different when you look in history where these symbols are seen in dirt, soil, stones and tracing boards drawn by stonemason artisans where meetings are held.

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    Masonic Rings: Freemason Rings

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    Masonic Rings: For women jewelries are their best friend but for men they are just plain accessory and there are just few who wears them. Most of men hate jewelries. It is not manly. However, Freemasonry rings are exceptional since for men it displays their manhood and brotherhood. Their forever bound in the promise and obligation as Freemason.

    Freemason rings have intricate designs incorporates in the Freemasonry symbol. Most often many ask on how Masonic rings wear. Is the compass pointing inward or outward though according to M.S.A.N.A, Masonic ring can be worn either way according to your preference. Wearing it inward or the compass pointing at you reminds your obligation and pointing the compass point outward or somebody else denotes your being a Master Mason on others.

    Masonic rings are not just ordinary jewelry it is a symbol as part of brotherhood.

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      Masonic Cufflinks

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      Masonic cuff fastener or cufflinks use is beyond from the traditional way people wear it especially for Freemasons whereas it is significantly displayed brotherhood and beliefs. These cuffs fastener have the Freemansory symbol founded in late 16th century. Historian says the first Freemason members are stonemasons or castle makers. The organization or fraternity symbol is composed of a square and a compass although there is no significant evidence on what Masonry symbol really stands for.

      Freemasonry still exists with members around the world, sharing the same belief and symbol. Masonic cufflinks are made in different forms and materials. Some made in precious stones and metals. There are the common shapes appearance of Masonry cufflinks such as round and square. What made it interesting are the intricate designs of Masonry square and compasses symbol in it. Sterling silver mason cufflinks antique or vintage especially from 1930's will show your sophisticated and classic looks and since silver is one of the precious metals it is a great investment too.

      Keen collectors will surely not missed Masonry cufflinks as part of their collections. The rich and mysterious Freemasonry history made it even more interesting to collect. The most worth it and great investment is to collect antique and rare Freemason cufflinks though modern designs are also desirable. All Masonic cufflinks displayed strong beliefs in the organization’s principle as the higher power is an architect of the universe.

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