Masonic Ritual/Club team: How to Learn Masonic Ritual or Ceremony

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 by arcanegirl
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Ritual team or club is a fasts way to learn Freemason ritual. This is because there is no easy way neither fast track in learning the secret of Masonic ritual. Time, patience, and perseverance are important traits to have in learning Freemason ritual in your lodge.

If there is a fast track in learning Freemason ritual, then maybe joining Freemason ritual team or club within your lodge is the answer if you are looking for a fast approach in discovering new Freemason ways. Ask your Worshipful Master if there is a group that you can attend their meetings to broaden your knowledge not just with the rituals but in all aspect of the brotherhood. Most Freemason degree ceremonies are done with   the assistance of Master Masons that are mostly part of a ritual club or team. They are knowledgeable everything about Freemasonry. You will surely learn a lot from these Masters.

Attending ritual team club meetings and your lodge meetings seriously, you will be able to move up at a faster pace.

Or one way to know the secrets of Mason's is to read the book called Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor.  

Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor is a book you'll want to read.

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