Masonic Initiation Ritual Ceremony: Learn Freemason Ritual

Monday, September 6, 2010 by arcanegirl
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If you’re into Freemasonry and want to learn new craft about being a Freemason other than brotherhood and believing to higher power, learning Masonic rituals is a refreshing experienced for any Freemason members.

As a Freemason member or officer ascends the chairs within the lodge, he learns new part of the Masonic ritual. Learning the ritual is a step by step process and will took years for some members to learn it.

For a new member, he learns part of the ritual through the Masonic initiation ritual. This kind of ritual is done to new Freemason candidate before the brotherhood accepts them as a member. All Freemason members undergo and experienced the initiation rituals or ceremony done in a Masonic ritual room.

For a new Freemason member, learning the ritual requires time and patience attending lodge meeting and perhaps asking the Worshipful master for a Masonic Mentor or a knowledgeable Freemason officer to teach about the rituals. Most of Masonic Mentors are usually Past Masters that are very knowledgeable about almost in every aspect of Freemasonry.

For a better understanding about the ritual there are reprints of old Masonic ritual books or the book called Masonic Ritual Entered Apprentice Lecture by Allan Publishing that one can read to better grasp the new body of knowledge. There is also available book called Freemason for Dummies perfect for to read for those aspiring to become a Freemason member.

Or if you could not find Allan book, you could read these great books instead.
Duncan's Masonic Ritual and Monitor

The Complete Idiot's Guide to Freemasonry

Deciphering the Lost Symbol: Freemasons, Myths and the Mysteries of Washington, D.C.

The Secrets of Masonic Washington: A Guidebook to Signs, Symbols, and Ceremonies at the Origin of America's Capital

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